The Price Of A Dream

I don’t remember a time in my life when I haven’t been reaching for a dream- or two-or five. Sometimes it feels rather exhausting.

In my “grass is always greener” moments, I imagine myself as someone who went to school, got a degree, started working in a career, and would retire from that career. My professional life looks absolutely nothing like that- it’s a maze of twists and turns and often times puzzling moments. Thirty-six years later and I am finally learning that is just who I am and oddly enough, it’s what keeps life exciting for me. Continue reading

Cocktail Hour Gone Rogue: Three Ways to Beat a High-priced Cocktail Bill

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I’m not going to “lime” to you. Drinks out on the town are downright expensive. Margaritas, tequila shots, Cosmopolitans, Moscow Mules are among the worst budget busters. They look so good on the menu, and they taste even better. Even a bad margarita is still a good margarita. What gives with the high price of cocktails these days? Blame it on the lime!

That tiny little fruit is causing quite a stir in the cocktail hour price all over America. Think about it. Lime or lime juice is in virtually every mixed drink. Did you know that Mexico’s drug cartels are primarily to blame for driving the price up on your favorite citrus infused drinks this year? Cartels, knowing the importance of limes in the U.S., have been causing all sorts of havoc on the exporting of limes. The price of limes stands at approximately $100 per 40-pound box, up from $25 a box. Talk about some serious inflation… and it’s just a little lime.

Obviously, we can’t do much about the drug cartels, but we can go rogue with our cocktail hour strategy. Here are three strategies so you can have your lime and drink it too. Continue reading

Survey Says…Groupon Can Make Your Budget Sing!

I’ll admit it. I am a savings junkie. My job is to scour and search for good deals. It seems like there are a million sites that claim to help you save money on lifestyle stuff- vacations, food, activities, etc. Every credit card is trying to entice you with points. (Yes, I love points.) Don’t get me wrong, all of these discounts and free items are music to your already taxed budget, but beware not all sites that “claim” to save you money actually do.

Pause. Survey says Groupon is still a clear winner!

Living in Long Beach there are a ton of cool places to eat out and see, but without an unlimited budget you can go broke…quickly. I took a smattering of things that I would like to try and do and compared them with and without Groupon to see where I would end up. Even I was pleasantly surprised

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