Survey Says…Groupon Can Make Your Budget Sing!

I’ll admit it. I am a savings junkie. My job is to scour and search for good deals. It seems like there are a million sites that claim to help you save money on lifestyle stuff- vacations, food, activities, etc. Every credit card is trying to entice you with points. (Yes, I love points.) Don’t get me wrong, all of these discounts and free items are music to your already taxed budget, but beware not all sites that “claim” to save you money actually do.

Pause. Survey says Groupon is still a clear winner!

Living in Long Beach there are a ton of cool places to eat out and see, but without an unlimited budget you can go broke…quickly. I took a smattering of things that I would like to try and do and compared them with and without Groupon to see where I would end up. Even I was pleasantly surprised

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How To Answer The “What Do You Do For a Living” Question in 3 Easy Steps

“It’s nice to meet you… what do you do for a living?” That is my least favorite question of them all. Entrepreneurs, can I get an Amen? How in the world do I describe myself? I am part Certified Financial Planner professional, part branding and marketing expert, part product creator, part expert at connecting people together, part writer, and part speaker… not to mention I can make a mean risotto. I finally figured out though that I must not be the only one out there that feels this way, or that hates that dreaded question.

I built my first business when I was wet behind the ears at the age of 19 in college. If only I could re-create that fearlessness everyday! If anything, the many years of networking where the “what do you do for a living” question has been asked taught me a few handy lessons in just how you answer that question. Perhaps, fellow entrepreneur, you can find some value in my chaos. Continue reading

A Slice of American Pie

written by: Shannah L. Compton

Apple pie, meat and potatoes, high school prom, backyard BBQs, a hot car, and buying a home…that pretty much sums up the, “I’m an American”, checklist.  Wait, how did being in a ton of debt get in that otherwise exciting equation? Raise your hand if you’ve grown up with the assumption that buying a home somehow makes you “more American” than anyone else. Continue reading

Finding Your “Sweet Spot”

-written by Shannah L. Compton, CFP, MBA

Take a former Miss USA (Susie Castillo), an amazing interior designer (Yvonne Randolph), a make up artist to the stars (Kristina Duff),  one kick-butt financial planner (ME!), a top-notch producer (Jessica Petelle), and a Director destined for greatness (she’s already great) (Zoe Robyn) all working on a top secret TV projectwell, quite simply that’s one amazing pack of women joined together to create some serious change!

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1/2 Of Americans Fail Financial Literacy…

by Shannah L. Compton

Why can’t we invest in financial literacy in this country? The decay of financial and economic knowledge is disgusting to me! It has always been my personal mission to try to change this…even if I have to do it one person at a time!

“In recognition of April being Financial Literacy Month, LIMRA asked 2,000 Americans a series of ten multiple-choice and true/false questions to gauge their knowledge of basic financial and retirement topics.


Few Americans get an A.

The study found that only one in eight Americans correctly answered at least nine questions, and more than a third (36%) failed, answering no more than half of the questions correctly.”

-courtesy of News Sources, LIMRA, 4/29/13