Survey Says…Groupon Can Make Your Budget Sing!

I’ll admit it. I am a savings junkie. My job is to scour and search for good deals. It seems like there are a million sites that claim to help you save money on lifestyle stuff- vacations, food, activities, etc. Every credit card is trying to entice you with points. (Yes, I love points.) Don’t get me wrong, all of these discounts and free items are music to your already taxed budget, but beware not all sites that “claim” to save you money actually do.

Pause. Survey says Groupon is still a clear winner!

Living in Long Beach there are a ton of cool places to eat out and see, but without an unlimited budget you can go broke…quickly. I took a smattering of things that I would like to try and do and compared them with and without Groupon to see where I would end up. Even I was pleasantly surprised

Here we go:

1. Crepes and Grapes cafe to satisfy my French sweet tooth- $10 for $20 worth of food!

2. Brushstrokes and Beverages to satisfy my inner artist that is dying to escape- $20 for a class that normally costs $45! (I have to admit, Michael who runs Brushstrokes lives behind me and I’ve been dying to take his class.)

3. Juice Cleanse at Nekter to satisfy my need to get healthy- $75 for a 3 day cleanse that would normally cost $150.

4. Pop Physique to satisfy my need to get in shape- $39 for 5 classes that would normally cost $95- SCORE!

5. Long Beach Boat Rentals to satisfy my need to get out on the water- $75 for a 2 hour Duffy boat rental for up to 6 people that would normally cost $150.

Let’s do the math…

Without Groupon $460

With Groupon $219

I rest my case!

The motto- you don’t have to sacrifice to eat cool places, do cool things, and experience what your neighborhood has to offer. What you DO have to do is invest a few minutes and find a good deal!

Signing out…