The Price Of A Dream

I don’t remember a time in my life when I haven’t been reaching for a dream- or two-or five. Sometimes it feels rather exhausting.

In my “grass is always greener” moments, I imagine myself as someone who went to school, got a degree, started working in a career, and would retire from that career. My professional life looks absolutely nothing like that- it’s a maze of twists and turns and often times puzzling moments. Thirty-six years later and I am finally learning that is just who I am and oddly enough, it’s what keeps life exciting for me.

I fell in love with a particular company/career/dream that I started when I was wet behind the ears in college. I knew nothing other than how cool accomplishing that dream would be. I had so much fire and energy and the challenges I faced were fun.

I hit a dead-end with that company about 5 years later. I remember sitting in El Torito’s restaurant when I got the news that the company was no longer going to be funded. Heartbreak! It was as if someone dear to me had died. This is how I felt….


 I guess a good dream never dies though. My dream has come roaring back) in an even cooler way over the last 2 years (actually it never left but was simmering on the sidelines); twisting and turning as usual. This time fear grabs ahold of me much quicker- the “what if it doesn’t work” syndrome sets in often.

When you are reaching for a dream I’ve found that it’s not only financially draining, but also emotionally draining. The bumps I am experiencing this time around feel deeper and wider than when I was a youngin’.  On the flip side, the reward seems much greater now than then.

My money is in. My heart is in. My dream is once again on the line.

That 19-year-old kid is still in me and it’s the little voice that reassures me often. We created something pretty badass back then, so why not now.

The price of a dream can’t be summed up in words. It’s expensive all the way around.

 Go out and get your dream!